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Thursday, June 7, 2018

SHIBUYA: Fishing for food in central Tokyo? Oh yeah Zauo was just perfect for 40 visitors! Gotta go!

Where do you take a group of 40 majority foreigners to dinner? It can't just be about the food as nobody will interact with anyone other than those at your table... so of course something experience related.  Thus a suggestion to check out Zauo was a hit and gave everyone a chance to mingle.

Located below TGIF in Shibuya.

Each person gets 2 tickets or 8 per table.

Tickets!  Quality of fish and even lobster...

First fish salad menu for our 3 hour all you can drink course menu.

2nd dish was seasoned scallops.

Then the Korean style pork with spicy sauce and lettuce... meat was quite uneventful.

One of my managers catching a huge hirame flounder fish!  This is where we get to enjoy all the fresh fish.  As the night goes on the number of higher quality fish runs out.

Flounder bones... tastes like potato chips.

3 plates from the fresh flounder.

Member of my table catching Aji as the nice Manager pushes all the fish into a corner. You don't need any bait for this fish... they just hook on.

Japanese horse mackerel..

Only 1 ticket for the Aji fish... deep fried style.

Sashimi style...

This clam thingy was only 0.5 tickets... a bit too gross for me.

Drum roll for a successful fish catch.

 Drum roll every time someone successfully catches a fish.

Lots of items on the all you can drink menu.

Had a birthday in our group... not too sure what they brought out

Closes with a nice sherbet ice cream... think it was Yuzu flavored.

Closing speech...

Manager Kumiko...  if you have guests visiting Tokyo you gotta take them here.  The only minus point was the mens restroom faucet not working... so I can only imagine nobody washed their hands. BUT there is a second sink outside near the fish bait to wash your hands.  

Restaurant: Zauo Shibuya Branch
Homepage (ENGLISH):
Address J: 東京都渋谷区神南1-19-3 ハイマンテン神南ビルB1
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-19-3

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