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Friday, July 25, 2014

TOKYO BIG SIGHT: Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Junya... they did a switcharoooo... another sad ramen adventure.

I was stuck at Tokyo Big Sight for a 3 day IFF event and really really didn't want to hit up this food court but having not eating all day I just had to eat something... and well... regrets.

At Tokyo Big Sight we are all funneled into this food court that has soooo many neat selections but according to a few co-workers the food is so incredibly ho-hum and expensive.

These were my Ramen Chefs... i started tearing up... they looked like part-timers working at any average food court... no pride... just in it for the hourly pay.

Little remote buzzer rings when your food is done.

What I ordered vs...

What I thought I ordered! Ugh... how can they do this to us~.

The soup seemed so watered down... the "atsumori" noodles I ordered were not hot but luke warm... eewww... it just didn't work.

The few toppings inside the soup... hmm... instant ramen?  My friend mentioned that they might be using the 150yen 7-11 Instant Tsukemen.  

If it wasn't for the free Blue Moon beer last night I'd probably be extremely sad for paying 850yen when I could have easily gone home and ordered my neighborhood Sakurdai Ramen Jiro for 650yen.  If you are from a foreign country visiting 
or just a few days then sure give Junya a try but if no then DON'T GOOOOO!!! For any regular Tokyo ramen goer this place is the bottom of the barrel for Tsukemen.

I leave you with a nice Porsche spotting.

Restaurant: Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Junya
Address J: 東京都江東区有明3-11-1 東京ビッグサイト会議棟 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Koto-ku, Ariake 3-11-1

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