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Monday, July 7, 2014

ROPPONGI AZABU JUBAN: LINCOS produced by Maruetsu Supermarket for a few beers~

After having some lackluster burnt pizza's at CONA Pizzeria in Azabu Juban we ready for a few beers at LINCOS... 

Supermarket beer at very reasonable supermarket prices~

There are 4 round tables located right outside the supermarket that can be used between 7am and 10pm.

Friend bought some cherries from home... the guys had a few Lowenbrau's brewed by Asahi.

The girls bought over some Starbucks from next door. Its really a great space overlooking the entrance to Azabu Juban shopping district... perfect for people watching.  If you are ever in need of a simple spot to drink some budget beers this is a  nice option.

I leave you with a beautiful Bentley Continental parked nearby.

Grocery Store: LINCOS by Maruetsu 
Address J: 港区六本木6-11-1
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 6-11-1

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