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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TSURUSE: Chuhachi Izakaya... I'M LOST in SAITAMA Prefecture! What a great cozy Izakaya filled with locals~

I think I've only been to Saitama Prefecture once in my life to see U2 at the Saitama Super Arena... but this day my friends uncle invited us to visit his favorite izakaya in the burbs of Tsuruse on the Tobu Tojo Line.

After the Japanese excise tax went up from 5 to 8% many restaurants took it as an opportunity to finally raise prices... and it seems this spot also.

Seafood plater 480yen (was only 380yen before the tax hike).  This was soooo fresh and delicious.

Menu's are basically written all over the walls~

150yen noodles.

Just a wonderful little izakaya... I'll definitely be back someday soon.

Restaurant: Chuhachi Izakaya
Address J: 埼玉県富士見市鶴馬2605-1
Address E: Saitama-ken, Fujimi-shi, Tsuruma 2605-1

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