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Friday, June 6, 2014

IKEBUKURO: Osteria Sante... 3 years later this little Italian gem is alive and well~

A good friend of mine's ex-high school ski teammate opened up a great little Italian restaurant in the most unlikely town... Ikebukuro and Italian don't really match but its a niche. 

Ended up ordering two bottles of Garofoli Marche G Rosso... yup neither one of us are much of a wine connoisseur. 

Some very nice prosciutto 

And of course in Tokyo is always great to share your wine with the chef.

Another for da chef.

If you are in the mood for something other than Japanese, Chinese, Izakaya's or Ramen spots in Ikebukuro definitely hit up Osteria Sante and say hi to Chef Matsumoto  It was a rainy Thursday and at 8pm we pretty much had the entire restaurant to ourselves.  

Revisited with the boys on 6.13.2014.  All the guys and owner chef (in red) except me were on the same high school ski team.

Restaurant: Osteria Sante
Address J: 東京都豊島区池袋2-39-8
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro 2-39-8

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