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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TOKYO DOME: FYI! You can bring in snacks and two 500ml cans of Alcohol!

Headed off check out the Pearl Bowl at Tokyo Dome.  Ex-colleague from CLSA Credit Agricole "#67 Frank the Tank" is playing the Obic Seagulls... they have won the Pearl Bowl 3 years straight and this night added another championship to their record.

Remember to bring drinks and snacks to Tokyo Dome!  Otherwise beers are 800yen vs convini's 200yen.  At the entrance they will transfer the beers into large paper cups for free.

There is a special Wheel Chair section with a great view.

Frank da Tank... 

Nogizaka 46 at the half time show!  

A very very close game but Obic pulled it off!  Cheehoo~.

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