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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UENO: TGIFridays... 50% off Happy Hour 4-7pm after the Zoo! 7:30pm Bar-tending Show :)

After a long day of checking out the new Panda's at Ueno Zoo we were in search of Happy Hour... But could there possibly be a TGIF in Ueno?


Bar counter was slightly larger than Roppongi or Harajuku.

Whats great about this spot was all the sofa seating... even around the bar area.  Way more relaxing than Roppongi TGIF.

50% off the entire drink menu from 4-7pm.

We arrived at an early 5pm and were joined by only a few others at the bar plus some foreign families sitting for dinner in booths....

But as 7pm approached the bar on a Tuesday night began to fill-up... AND at exactly 7:30pm the Bartender Show began!

Don't think these guys would place in any bar-tending championship but they gave a great show.

Finally 5 free drinks for customers and a b-day song plus sundae for one lucky lady.  If its your b-day don't forget to show them this Gnavi COUPON for a free Sundae Present!

If you just want something light or on the cheap just order the Friday's Fries 250yen!  

Service is great at most Friday's but this shop went the extra mile.  The Bartenders were very attentive and overly polite.  Would highly suggest taking friends or family to this spot... much more quiet than TGIF Roppongi and layout seemed a bit more spacious and relaxing than TGIF Harajuku.

Shop: TGIF Ueno
Address J:  東京都台東区上野4-9-6 ナガフジビル本館 2F
Address E:  Tokyo, Daito-ku, Ueno 4-9-6  , NagaFuji Bldg 2F

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Don't forget to check out the Panda's at UENO ZOO just steps away... a great value!

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