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Thursday, October 27, 2011

SHIBUYA: Miraflores Peruvian Lunch... Great food... Perfect service with a friendly Smile!

When Mari mentioned a great Peruvian restaurant in the shadows of the Cerulean Tower Hotel I just couldn't picture what type of food they would serve... perhaps something similar to Indian or Nepalese? Hmm...

We were standing outside looking at the daily specials and immediately one of the Peruvian waiters stepped out shook Mari's hand as he called her "Amiga!" and shook mine as he said "Amigo!"  How can any one resist... we followed him inside.

The interior is so comfortable... almost like a friends living room.  Just dark enough to feel totally relaxed. The music must have been from Nepal and so soothing...

Lunch was an VERY reasonable 800yen (sorry I didn't take pics of the menu but there were 5 solid selections).  Each order comes with a salad, main dish, dessert and closes with coffee or tea.

Soup arrived... deep flavor, extremely tasty... was craving some bread to dip into this. Excellent!

We asked our waiter his name and responded "Amigo!"  

We assumed he introduced his cute little son to us but it seems that it was one of the customers little baby...  This guy was so friendly and outgoing that even customers trust him with their little loved ones.  He spoke to during and continued to serve us with so many smiles all thru the meal.

Mari ordered the Chicken kebab sticks (hope thats what its called).  Chicken was soooo tender and juicy.   Totally recommend this.  

I had the Chorizo dish with spicy beans... tasty!

They provide you with a nice little green spicy sauce... we both loved this.

And the dessert... seemed like half tapioca and half raspberry/cranberry jelly.  Reminded me of Tapioca Pudding that I haven't had for years.  Yum!

We closed with one Ice Tea and one Hot Tea.  For 800yen you just couldn't ask for more.  Service from our waiter Amigo was simply superb and the food will definitely have you craving to go back for more.  If you are ever in Shibuya please give this place a try. Oh, 2 guys sitting next to us seemed to have been from the Peruvian Embassy so this must be a great sign of the food authenticity.

Shop: Milaflores Peruvian Restaurant
Location: JR Shibuya (Behind the Cerulean Hotel).
Address J: 東京都渋谷区桜丘町28-3 恒和ビル 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sakuragaoka-cho 28-3

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