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Monday, October 10, 2011

SHIBUYA: Nepalico Nepalese Cuisine in the shadows of Cerulean Tower Hotel

Nepalico... it all started from this one text...

As you can see from my Foodie Blog going to Indian or Nepalese restaurants is a rarity for us but after Mari's very positive reaction to Nepalico's curry lunch set I had to check it out!

Daily special was Keema Curry for 850yen that includes Salad, Mini-Chai and large portion of rice if you prefer~.  Great to see a spot open til 3pm!  Can avoid the lunch rush in busy Shibuya...

Mari recommended both the Keema Curry lunch and the A-Set Lunch with 3 curries... more Menu pics here.

Lunch set salad... sweet dressing... very tasty.

Mini-Chai was very mini but cinnamon sweetness went so well with the curry.

Mari's Keema Lunch set arrived first... she went for Spicy Level 3 (hottest).  But there was a very gentle taste to this... Keema always gives me an impression of an overwhelming flavor but this was a very nice change.  She asked for a small serving of rice.

 My "Dal Bhat Nonveg" A Lunch set arrives... sorry if I get this wrong... small dish of softly seasoned potatoes, spicy chicken curry and finally a soupy bean dish.  Declined the large and went for a normal portion of rice.  As with the Keema the curry wasn't overbearing and the taste won't linger on in your mouth for hours afterwards....  a nice dish.

Chicken Curry...

Seasoning sauce?

Potato Curry.

Interior was comfortable and service came with a friendly smile throughout the meal.  There is some counter seating in case you go alone.

And we closed with a sweet lassi... oishii!

Mari's circular creation... think me helping with her English stressed her out a bit.

Over a great spot and service to match.  The owner who took care of us is on Facebook too :).

Shop: Nepalico Dalbhat and Cafe
Location: JR Shibuya Station... shadows of the Cerulean Hotel
Address J: 東京都渋谷区桜丘町30-18 メイサ南平台 1F
Address E:  Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sakuragaoka-cho 30-18

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