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Thursday, October 20, 2011

KOJIMACHI 31MT Space: Munch's Burger Lunch Wagon... keep on munchin cause the meat is tough~.

Burger!  I'm a huge fan of Japan's burgers made with pride and to perfection but this was a definite fumble.

Asked for a Cheese Burger but they sold out of cheese... This shop was pushing the 100% beef factor so went for the standard burger to see how tasty the beef was.

... it takes about 5 minutes for the patty to be grilled.

Burger was not very big.

And there it was my burger that lacked volume... after my initial bite it was kind of like eating a tough steak.  The burger was a bit too chewy and not juicy.  Covered in Teriyaki sauce with mustard and chopped onions. Hmm... was rather disappointed.

Think I would have preferred McDonald's Big mac for 200yen vs this burger for 550yen.

If you are in the mood for a little jaw exercise then give Munch's Burger wagon a try... otherwise I'd give the other lunch wagons a go... Oh well.

Lunch Wagon: Munch's Burger
Shop Website:
Address J: 東京都千代田区麹町5-7-2 麹町31MTビル前 麹町村 ネオ屋台村
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kojimachi 5-7-2

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