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Monday, February 14, 2011


Heard of Groupon... but did you know Japan has had its own versions for quite some time.  Picked up my 8,610yen seven course Korean BBQ dinner for 2,990yen!  Out of 300 available there still many left as of today!! 

I'm always a fan of bottled beer... there's always slightly more than a draft.  Mari picked up an orange flavored Japanese sake or umeshu drink...was very tasty.

Course salad was very tiny but Korean "Y-Style" salad dressing excellent. (Price 290yen)

We each got a dish of assorted veggies called Namuru (Price 680yen)

I'm a huge fan of Japanese Yukke (marinated raw beef) thats usually lightly seasoned and topped with a raw egg but this Avocado Yukke with Korean Gochujan seasoning was soooo goooood!

Up next was the Beeeef!  3,800yen.  A5 Rank Sirloin, chateaubriand (can only extract 1kg from a COW) and domestic black hair Harami meat.

The meat just looked so good... out came the iPhone4... taking a pic.

A5 Ranked Sirloin


We were seating on the counter facing the window... seating for 5 in this section.  If you girl gets cold easily then have her sit in front of the grill... nice and warm.

Bibimbap before...

...and after its mixed. 1,280yen.. yeah, out course came with 2!  Filling.

To close... Korean barley tea and Coffee Jelly

Home-made Coffee Jelly... very good.

Happy Customer.

Owner/Chef Mr. Yun was a chef at Lotte Hotel in Korea for 5 years. We had two waiters and one was fluent in English... cool Korean student now studying at Waseda University, ask for Han if you need a little help in English.  Service was excellent as usual.

Shop: Yakiniku Y-Style 
Address J:  東京都千代田区六番町1-1 恩田ビル2F
Address E:  Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Roku-bancho 1-1

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