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Thursday, February 3, 2011

KOJIMACHI: Norubune Korean Restaurant... keep on walkin.

This is located right across from NTV (one of Japan's big TV broadcasters) so everytime we look inside its quite busy.   We decided to wander in at 2pm one day but they ran out of rice... so a few weeks later we were back!
Two price points on the menu... 850 yen and why not waste a little more money on this mediocre restaurant selection of 1250 yen... more to come.

We went for the standard Seafood Chige Sundubu (Spicy seafood soup with tofu) and I had the Cheesy hotstone bibimbap

Mini dishes with lunch... kimchee was great but 3 pieces...

Mari's Sundubu Chige... looked so tasty and lots of seafood but the flavor was so light.  Instead of using spicy korean miso to fire it up they seemed to have added extra red pepper... now red pepper lacks taste and just makes you a bit sweaty.  This was mediocre at best... well it kinda sucked.

Wood benches... hard on the booty.

I'm a fan of Korean food and a big fan of cheese.... so went with the Cheesy Bibimbap.  

Mixed it up nicely... a few bites... yeah, this was hella boring too.  This restaurant is owned by Koreans but nothing is up to par.  I can only assume its because this is the only Korean shop in the area.

We won't be back and I advise everyone not to try this place out!

Location: Kojimachi Station Exit #5 (30sec walk).
Shop: Norubune Kojimachi-Shop
Gnavi Website with Coupon:  Click for 5% off COUPON
Shop Website:  
Address J: 東京都千代田区二番町3-4
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Nibancho 3-4

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