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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

OCHIAI STATION: Chuka-Soba Chigonoki Fish Broth Ramen... impressive 3.85 foodie ranking! (Canon s120)

Coronavirus and the guys are still working on my leaky roof... so once again I head out during this pandemic to have ramen lunch with them.  

Top line was the shop most recommended Niboshi (Fish Broth) ramen but the 2nd row in pink is the same dish but they add Seh-Abura (Fatty Lard)... I shoulda gotten that!

But went for the top row with a seasoned boiled egg topping (plus 100 yen).
There must have been a regular at the counter because the ramen chef was all smiles...

If you are interested in where they source the noodles here you go!

The bowl was so unusually small with not much soup!  But beneath the slice of boiled chicken and super tender pork was a huge ball of thin al'dente noodles. 

The pork almost looked rare... similar to roast beef.

The broth was a mild fishy niboshi flavor.  It won't overwhelm you but I do prefer something thats more stinky flavorful.  I totally finished all the soup this day. 

Egg is egg... can't get too excited about this. 

They are listed in top 100 Ramens with an impressive 3.85 Tabelog foodie ranking.  But if you want to try a Michelin rated ramen spot that serves the same stye gotta try Kane Kitchen Noodles :  

Restaurant: Chukasoba Chigoniki
Tabelog Foodie:
Address J:  東京都新宿区上落合1-5-3
Address E:  Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kamiochiai 1-5-3

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