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Friday, April 24, 2020

NERIMAKASUGACHO: Maiko-Ya Chinese Restaurant... this place is old skool cozy! (Sony RX100)

I'm so spooked to go into very old Japanese / Chinese super local restaurants because I think very few foreingers dine at these kind of restaurants.  I've lived in the area 5 years and was always tempted to go in but the glass sliding doors are not see-thru with no menu anywhere outside.

BUT!  One of the construction guys working on my home asked if we go goto lunch... MY CHANCE!  I would definitely be more comfortable going with a Japanese person.

Must be a middle aged husband and wife team that greeted us with a friendly Irrashaimaseh (Welcome).   Wow!  Nice. 

Daily special 650 yen set was sold out so I went with the remaining Tempura Squid with Cold Noodles for only 700 yen. 

Ramen is only 450 yen!  Super reasonable menu items.

Lucky to miss the lunch crowd but then again this place is not so conveniently located.  I would say most lunch goers work in small companies nearby or local resdents. 

This is all me! Wow... What a great balance of seafood, chilled noodles, tofu and seasoned cucumber. It was such an at home meal.

Very flavorful tempura sauce that seeped into the rice.  Yum!

Japanese government passed sticked Non-Smoking laws due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  As of April 1st 2020 there is no smoking at all restaurants in Japan.  SUPER!

The construction worker ordered Charsiu Ramen and half size of fried rice.

I have never seen fried rice so colorful... very nice. 

Japan has always had Uber Eats delivery style but they just didn't monopolize on it... Anyways I'm definitely going back here!!  So reasonable and just so heartwarming good. 

I went back!  700 yen lunch special this day.

Oh no... Closed for Golden Week Holidays!  UGH...

700 yen Katsu Curry after Golden Week!  Meh... the curry was too mild meh but the pork katsu was super meaty!  700 yen.

Restaurant: Maikoya
Address J: 東京都練馬区春日町3-11-11
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Kasugacho 3-11-11

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