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Thursday, April 18, 2019

OIZUMIGAKUEN: Torikizoku for their limited special 1,192 nomihoudai plan! The best branch I have been to! (Sony RX100)

Checking out a recently opened Oizumi Gakuen Torikizoku Branch!

Thru May 6th (Last day of Golden Week) Torikizoku is having an unheard special on their drinks! All you can drink for only 1,192 yen and this place doesnt collet an Otoshi (automatic appetizer) fee!  SO LETS GET THIS STARTED!

I never ever venture to the smaller sized real Beer called The Premium Malts because its in such a normal sized cup... so I normally go for the Mega Kinmugi (3rd beer, not officially considered 100% beer and in a different tax category for brewers).  BUT!  

Suntory Premium Malts for me! Or how the locals call it Pu-leh-Mo-lu.

This is the most spacious Torikizoku I have ever been to!  

There was a very wheelchair friendly ramp in the shop... I have Never seen this in Tokyo.

Always go for the free refill cabbage with ponzu.

Of course sweet wasabi topping yakitori.

Tsukune with cheese.

If you want spicy seasonings then you will have to ask for it... no longer is it on the table for free.

Then went for the top shelf premium Japanese whiskey for my hi-ball!  

Beef can be a big hit or miss... a bit tough this day.

Pot of rice with lots of different ingredients... takes about 30 minutes.

There are outlets under each table to charge your tings.

This was the best item here... big juicy chewy Yakitori with negi in between. 

Overall we kept the bartender busy... 16 whisky hiballs and 2 Premium Malt Beers! So on a normal non-nomihoudai plan that would be 18 x 300 yen = 5,400 yen for drinks alone!  

The ipad type ordering system lets you know the even split between diners. 

Overall this is the best Torikizoku I have been to in terms of spaciousness and service was quick.  If in the burbs of Oizumi Gakuen you gotta try this place.  There is something very unusual about this town. One is there are areas with some very big homes. Two is the number of pretty ladies in this town... 

Restaurant: Torikizoku Oizumigakuen Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区東大泉1-37-8 ドラゴンスクエア2ビル 3F
Address E:  Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Higashi Oizumi 1-37-8

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