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Sunday, April 1, 2018

HIGASHI GINZA / TSUKIJI: Japanese Sushi Party! Over 150 friends and friends of friends... yum!

When Japanese plan events they sometimes can go big.  Tsukiji sushi guy planned another seafood event in Higashi Ginza for a rather big group of people.  

He mentioned the Maguro he purchased was around JPY 500,000 (USD 5K).

One thing I learned is that Japanese girls love to eat... sushi or champagne?  They will most definitely go for food first.

I think people were scooping up the tender meat from the backbone of the tuna.

Next time I need to bring my Hydro Flask... Plastic cups tonight.

Uni and Ikura gone in seconds... girls are quick!!

But we knew the organizer so a plate of goodies arrived for us beer drinkers.

Another plate just for us!  Lucky lucky.

Bingo contest for seafood and proscuitto... I actually won twice but shared my winnings with the crowd.

A famous comedian came by for the bingo contest... wow.  
Someone is connected.

The key to Japan is learning the language one step at a time... Then a whole new world opens up with interesting events and friendly people who want to chat up the lone foreigner. 

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