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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SHIINAMACHI: Kameya Kushiyaki... very old school Kushiyaki spot with discolored walls and all.

Met up with an old timer who retired his little pub a year... now living in a town with some cool little restaurants. The last time a friend and I joined him here for reasonable sushi:

The chef pictured here worked at a popular yakitori spot in Ikebukuro and opened up his own place.

Bottled beers 480 yen and the automatic salad appetizer (otoshi).

Really enjoyed the bacon wrapped veggies...

Spicy miso for the kushiyaki

Long counter seating for regulars.

Of course had to get garlic... so soft.

The Store Motto in this sign "Eat and drink, then eat again and drink again until your belly is super full." 

I think you have to hang out with old timers sometimes... a good guy.

Back in the day when Master invited us to sake tasting Ikebukuro

Master and his wife at his old little bar.

Drinks, Karaoke and too many drinks and more Karaoke.
Back in the day... 2013 or 2014 I think.

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