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Monday, August 14, 2017

KANDA: Rump Cap for a mixed beef plate... mix of super tough and slightly tough beef. Hmm...

In Kanda for a meeting and who doesn't love steak!
Arrived at 11:30am and ordered the limited 980yen Mix Steak plate.

Looking good with corn and grilled onions on the side but one bite I was chomping for quite a while... this dish is partly filled with extremely tough meat. Was about to give up after a few bites.

Free refills on the rice, soup and the radish sauce/

Overall nah... if you like really tough beef then give it a go but Japan has so much more to offer. Conveniently located under the rail road tracks just a few seconds from Kanda station. Oh its run by a massive franchise chain...

Restaurant: Rump Cap Kanda Branch
Address J: 東京都千代田区鍛冶町2-13-10
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kajicho 2-13-10

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