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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

TOKYO DOME CITY LAQUA: 1,000th TokyoBelly Entry KFC?! Yup... this has got to be my favorite KFC in Tokyo! Chicken Chefs in plain view!!

Went to watch a bit of American football at Tokyo Dome and in search for something light... KFC!

I am a huge fan of their twisters... Mayo Pepper sauce.

Lots of seating.

Now this was so cool and a first for me.  One chef was breading the raw chicken and the other guy was frying them.  Fully visible via a huge glass window.

This was the best Twister I have ever had at any KFC's in Tokyo, Packed with sooooo much chicken.
Far cry from my KFC experience at Yotsuya.

So sad to have this as my 1,000th Tokyo Belly entry but I need to keep pushing on... If in Tokyo Dome why don't you take the kids to check out the chicken chefs!

Restaurant: KFC Tokyo Dome City Laqua Branch
Address J: 東京都文京区春日1-1-1
Address E: Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Kasuga 1-1-1

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