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Friday, March 11, 2016

MIZONOGUCHI: Sushitsune... Sushi lunch was just sooooo incredibly terrible! Run from this franchise!!

I love sushi!  And first time ever did I notice a sushi and tempura lunch set... I had to give this place a try.

Here it is... 

This tuna was quite mushy and had no texture... easily worse than supermarket sushi.

Tempura very oily... not impressed.

If you want wasabi they will give you a huge portion for free!  Overall this sushi tasted so terrible... NEVER walk into a franchise sushi spot unless it is Sushi Zanmai!  You will be truly disappointed. 

Restaurant: Sushi Tsune Mizonoguchi Branch
Sushi Tsune Website:
Address J: 神奈川県川崎市高津区溝口1-1-3 味の食彩館 302
Address E: Kanagawa-ken, Kanagawa-shi, Takatsu-ku, Mizonokuchi 1-1-3

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