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Friday, February 5, 2016

SHIN OKUBO: GROUPON! All you an eat pork samgyeopsal and all you can drink! Opened on Nov. 2015

I'm finally back on Groupon!  Just can't beat the full course all you can eat Korean Samgyeopsal Pork and Nomihoudai for 50% off at 2,200yen.

These strips must have been a foot long and super thick!

Fluffy Egg!

All you can drink Nomihoudai Menu.

Manager was super friendly... his business card. Matsuda-san.

Yeah... had a bit too much beer, Korean Makgeolli rice wine and Soju... phew.
Very cozy restaurant, super friendly manager and food wasn't too bad... I will have to revisit.

Restaurant: Kimchee Bokun-chi (my house)
Address J: 東京都新宿区百人町1-5-6 白萩ビル101
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunincho 1-5-6

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