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Friday, February 5, 2016

SHIN-URAYASU: Korean Lunch in the burbs just 1 station from Tokyo Disney Land!

Had to head out to Chiba for a meeting and stopped by the Shin Urayasu Food Court... lots of selections but of course I had to go for the samgyetang!

Lots of volume! Chicken was so soft and soup very flavorful...

I doubt anyone will be at Shin Urayasu anytime soon but if so give Iro Iro Korean a try!

Restaurant: Iro Iro
Address J: 千葉県浦安市入船1-4-1 ショッパーズプラザ新浦安 1F
Address E: Chiba-ken, Urayasu-shi, Irifune 1-4-1

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