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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TOSHIMAEN: Not all Gatten Sushi's are equal... a bloody mess~

I'm a huge fan of Gatten Sushi in Roppongi that usually claims a spot in the top 3 at the annual tuna auction in Tsukiji so I just had to give one of their regular "kaiten sushi" (train sushi) spots a try to support the franchise.

The waitress patiently waited as I sat down and handed me an English menu.

Cups and shoyu dishes rotate below the sushi belts.

Help your self Green Tea.

Of course the measure to any great sushi spot is the bottom of the line Maguro (Tuna)... Its a give that the more expensive stuff is good but how did this spot do?  Hmm... The Pieces were as long as my finger and very thick but it had a very meaty texture to it... kind of like eating a boiled hotdog.  189yen for 2 pieces.

To my super delight lunch time Ara-Jiru Soup with lots of white fish and veggies was FREE!!!  And it was All You Can Drink!!! "Nomihoudai" the best part of my lunch.

The counter is a bit "J" shaped with a few booths at one end.

If you need wasabi just wait for it to appear on the belt.

Tekka Maki! (Tuna Roll) 189yen

I could just see it... This frozen tuna was improperly thawed and the blood was seeping into the rice.  It just totally turned me off.  I've had this on a few occasions but never returned to those locations.

Tuna blood leaving impressions on the plate.  SO!  After my two orders this place was a huge thumbs down for me and I had no interest in ordering anything else with the possibility of being further disappointed. 

Young sushi chefs with blank stares... no smiles.

My bill came out to 378yen.. yup, I did the unthinkable and ordered only 2 plates.

This location has fresh Tuna cutting shows every Saturday from 11:30am and I may give that a try but will never ever visit this location for my sushi cravings... I'd much prefer the Kappa Sushi franchise shop with their 105yen plates. 

Toshimaen water and amusement park faces Gatten Sushi... a great spot for families.

Toys R Us around the block.

Large Hot Springs Onsen in the area and United Artist Cinema.

And I leave you with a Rolls Royce Ghost in the burbs of Tokyo.

Restaurant: Gatten Sushi Toshimaen Branch
Franchise Homepage:
Address J: 東京都練馬区練馬4-18-8
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nerima 4-18-8

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