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Sunday, January 26, 2014

IKEBUKURO: Vegipota Tsukemen En-Ji! Vegetable based Tonkotsu Fish Broth... heavy and tasty!

Opened in April 2013 but I never knew until nearly a year later~... Had to go!

There 3 types of soups but always hit up the top left corner button if you are new!  As you go to the right it adds a flavored egg, extra meat, then finally egg and extra meat.

Free "Muryou" 1.5x noodle upgrade "Oomori"

There are 2 types of noodles vs the 3 at Kichijoji. 

Guess this little dog was the shop mascot.

Incredibly friendly service and when I mentioned how great the Kichijoji shop was the chef walked over to say thanks.  Friendly crew...

800yen plus 100yen for the egg!

If you like your noodles hot then ask for "Atsumori" otherwise they will rinse it in cold water to retain the texture.

The soup was nice and thick... clung to the noodles so well. Vegetable based pork and fish broth soup...

+100yen for the seasoned egg "Aji Tama"

The lighter color (Motsu Chili Men) has more of a "mochi mochi" chewy texture vs the darker slight chewiness but had a more firm texture.  Lots of vitamins and minerals in the noodles.

The two types of noodles here.

Sometime you'll run low on soup so just ask for a little refill.

When you are done with the noodles add this "Wafu Wari Soup" to the left over soup.  Its the noodle water... mellows out the thick flavor of the soup and warms it up too.

No longer will I have to goto Kichijoji to enjoy this great dish of ramen... there was a fairly young crowd in their 20's and a few very pretty girls. Give it a go after Koike Izakaya!

Ramen shop: Vegipota Tsukemen Enji
Address J: 東京都豊島区池袋2-48-2 レスタージュ池袋 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro 2-48-2

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