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Sunday, November 24, 2013

ROPPONGI: Izakaya Komatsu... dude 50yen Chicken Wing Heaven! Open on Holidays and Sundays... sister to Machan.

I'm a huge fan of Izakaya Machan in Roppongi with their great 180yen drinks and nice menu variety but they are closed on holidays (even if it falls on a Saturday) and Sundays... so on a budget it very limiting to dine in Roppongi.  BUT!  After a search I came across Komatsu... sister shop to Machan!

Interior is nearly identical

Today's recommended items... see on the very bottom it says "50yen"... well thats "Tebasaki Age" or Fried Chicken! Wow...

Salad is not me... this is where Izakaya's make their money. Toru the nuclear engineer ordered this ;)

50yen per! I could eat this all night long but it was very juicy, crispy and highly greasy. 

Nigiri Sushi set for only 520yen.. what a deal.

Okinawan Goya Champuru

Seasoned cabbage...

Ordered more fried chicken... 

One thing different from all the other shops Ikebukuro Koike, Shinjuku Medaka, Shibuya Sumire or Roppongi Machan this location has flat screen TV's with sports... 180yen beers and live sports... what a deal.

Closed with Taco-Yaki

There are all you can eat course menu's 1200yen or 1700yen plus 1600yen for Nomihoudai.
Someones review of the Course Plan:

And so after 2.5 hours of drinks and waaaay too much food due this hungry nuclear engineer the bill was 5,310yen... Remember be careful what you order as the ceasar salad was 480yen and the sushi platter was 520yen~.

Bottle keep

Super friendly staff... said he works everyday.  I'll definitely be back to for drink and there were a few guys drinking alone watching sports on TV.  A great very spacious spot in busy expensive Roppongi.

And I leave you with a Lamborghini Gallardo spotting just outside~... it was rumblin.

Restaurant: Izakaya Komatsu
Address J: 東京都港区六本木4-9-2 俳優座ビル 3F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 4-9-2, 3F

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