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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HIGASHI NAKANO: Pizzeria Ciro for Lunch B-Set: 450yen Marinara pizza! What a deal~

4 different lunch sets...  A+100yen (only drink), B+200yen (Drink, Salad), C+ (Drink, Salad and Antipasto set and D+400yen (Pizza of the day with Drink).

The least expensive item on the menu... Marinara (oregano, garlic and basilico).

Today's pizza special was the DOC (Mozzarella cheese, basilico and cherry tomatoes).

Tall glass of ginger ale and a fairly large salad... well worth the +200yen B Lunch Set. 

The interior was very relaxing with italian pics here and there.

There it is... 450yen in all its glory.  Probably the least expensive sit-in restaurant pizza's in Tokyo!

I can't complain... the cost performance was just great.  

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Overall a great spot and while I was dining 2 other foreigners came by so looks like its a hit with everyone and nicely ranked on Japan's foodie website too.  Friendly staff and lots of great pizza's to choose from... give it a try!  Its on the Oedo-line a stop or two from Shinjuku.

Restaurant: Pizzeria Ciro
Address J: 東京都中野区東中野3-8-3 フェニックスビル
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Higashi Nakano 3-8-3

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