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Thursday, September 5, 2013

AZABU JUBAN: Hainan Jifan Shokudo for some tasteless rubbery chicken rice! Rubber chicken found me once again!!

I love Hainanese chicken rice and only occasionally have the opportunity to try it... lucky lucky this day as a few friends suggested trying Hainan Jifan Shokudo "Hawker Style Asian Canteen."

Lunch choices were Chicken Rice normal size 900yen, Large size 1250yen and Daily Lunch Curry 900yen.

Very cozy interior... best spot was the corner seating for four! Otherwise you will be shoulder to shoulder with neighbors.  A good way to eavesdrop on the lunch goers :)

No Smoking! Perfect!

Three seasonings arrive.

There it is... You can keep refilling the rice which was probably the best part of this meal.

One bite... two bite... regrets I ordered the large portion of chicken.  It just tasted like tasteless rubbery spongy boiled chicken.  I just couldn't understand how they got this all wrong.  Its as if they didn't season the chicken or the poaching water and just went for regular tap water only... oh god... it was just soooooo bad.

I won't ever return but this place sure did pack them in for lunch.  If you are in the mood for Chicken Rice give Five Star Cafe in Nakameguro a try... cozy and tasty.

Restaurant: Hainan Jifan Shokudo
J Address: 東京都港区六本木6-11-16 中銀マンション裏手
E Address :

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