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Thursday, August 8, 2013

ROPPONGI: Who put a rubber chicken in my Samgyetang!? TonTonTezi?

Korean! I'm a fan so decided to head down into Ton Ton Tezi とん豚テジ in the shadows of Tokyo Midtown (Ritz Carlton)... bring it on!

Think this porky pig is the mascot.

Sundubu? Samgyetang? Sundubu? I'm going all out for the most expensive item on the menu! 990yen Samgyetang... yuuuuummmyyyyy~

Free tea on the table and before you order the small dishes of banchan arrive.  Where's mah Kimchee!?

Metal bowl half full of luke warm rice... I think its been sitting in there for a while.  

Booya!  My half a chicken body samgyetang lunch teishoku.  Visually it was a beauty but in this case it was just chicken skin deep... quack!

Honest to goodness there was only 2 scoops of rice in the soup.  What up? The soup was soooo incredibly bland... there just wasn't any flavor to it at all... thus...

... I'm assuming thats why they also provide a small plate of salt.

The chicken was just sooooo rubbery and tough. Most of my Samgyetang experiences have faced me with a super tender fall of the bone chicken meat but not here.  Struggled to remove the meat with my chopsticks and spoon.   Oh and the skin was so pimply... eewwww
Interior was comfy and service quick but the guys working here seemed pre-occupied with their smart phones or occasionally picking at their noses.

No Garlic spotting...

What made up for the disappointing lunch was the free all you can order rice and 2 mediocre banchan's.


If you ever go into a Korean restaurant without the presence of an old Korean Ajima-Lady then turn around and run!  The exception of course is anything in Shin-Okubo (many male owned restaurants) or Akasaka.  But perhaps they just don't do Samgyetang well as the other Sundubu and fried meat dishes looked pretty tasty.  Don't think I'll be back but it was nice to get out of the HOT Tokyo blazing summer sun.

Restaurant: Ton Ton Tezi - Roppongi Branch
Address J: 東京都港区六本木4丁目12-10 グレイト綱ビルB1F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 4-12-10, B1F

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