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Monday, September 7, 2020

KICHIJOJI: Gabunomigokoro OniZori Gorilla Restaurant... brand new but our course was just junk food. (Sony RX100)

I`m all in for supporting brand new restaurants in this era of Coronavirus but my choice this night was really really bad. 

Surfboard in the back... BINGE DRINK aka Gabu Nomi. 

I should have double checked with the waitress regarding the course I reserved over the phone... we were somehow served the least expensive 2,500 yen course. 

Our 2,500 yen course included 2.5 hours of all you can drink.  But it excluded draft beer, shochu, or any of those drinks you would normally have at a bar. 

1st dish was edamame. 

2nd salad on a bed of fried ramen. 

Now I`m realizing nothing on the course I requestd over the phone was being brought out.... No Hawaiian Style Poke, no Korean BBQ pork  samgyupsal... hmm.  This was just a whole lot of fried shumai dumplings.  You can buy this volume at the supermarket for 100 yen.

Only good thing about the watered down whisky hi-balls was the slice of lemon.

French fries... really?  All junk food.

Karage... this was just not getting any better.

Closed with pineapple flavored fried rice... just too sweet. 

2.5 hours of drinking watered down Hi-Balls and I just had to get in a nihonshu to close out the evening... they didn`t even offer dessert. 

This place was soooo warm that our bilingual waitress was a sweaty mess... DO NOT GET THE 2,500 yen course as it was just so junky.  BUT definitely explore all the very cheap menu items and cheap alcohol... remember you will be a sweaty mess plus the AC above our table was constantly dripping.  I will not return.

Restaurant: Gabunomi Gokoro Oni Zori Gorilla
Address J: 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町1-8-2 4F
Address E: Tokyo, Misashinoshi, Kichijoji, Honcho 1-8-2 , 4F
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