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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

NAKANO STATION: Butayama (Pig Mountain) Ramen! Asked the crows for a ramen recommendation for Jiro'style. (Canon G9x)

Of course my first top at Nakano is my favorite standing sushi just around the corner... but as a tradional closing task in Japan you must finish with ramen.

I tend to chat up the crows (guys standing around trying to guide you into hostess bars usually wearing all black overcoats) and this night Butayama was recommended.

Quite the full house at 10:35pm. Unusual to see elderly ladies dining this heavy thick Jiro style ramen.

Of course when you are lost push the top left corner button. 780 yen Small Ramen, 250 grams of noodles and 2 slices of tender pork.  I tend to struggle past 200 grams. For 730 yen you can try the 150 grams.

Chef will ask you about free topping volume. Garlic, boiled veggies, pork lard and flavor level.

Seeing more female chefs lately... nice.

Twitter if you wanna follow. 

Took a poll on my FB page... and will start adding more video.

My request: small portion veggies and fatty pork lard topping.

Look at that tenderness!  The fatty pork lard was sooo flavorful.

Pork incredibly melty tender... Yum!!

Noodles were almost like Okinawan soba style... not too thin and not too thick.  Perfectly boiled and a great chewiness. 

Free water on tap. 

Tried!  But I'm so not a 250 gram noodle person... max out at 200 grams.

If in Nakano you gotta try!  I will definitely be back. 

Spotted this young couple seemingly super drunk on this very cold Tokyo night.  

Glad Tokyo is a very safe place... if you do anything wrong the popo will definitely find you.  

Restaurant: Ramen Butayama Nakano Branch
Address J: 東京都中野区中野5-54-4
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-54-4

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