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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

NAKAMURABASHI: Hidakaya Dinamite Kimchee lunch set 50% off! Its Paypay campaign month!! (Lumix LX3)

AU Pay just started massive weekly 10 million dollar 20% cashback campaign with a max return of JPY 30,000 (USD 300) each week and probably in response Paypay tried to counter with their 40% cashback at limited restaurants.... so I had to gooo!

Paypal cashback was very limited... I've only been going to this franchse spot fo lunch. But I might have to goto Baskin Robbins too. Oh maximum cash back is 1,500 yen thru February end. 

Super reasonable... no English menu's but everything is pictured! Huge plastic food display outside.

Lots of gyoza ramen sets.

Very few tables so its mostly counter seating.

NO SMOKING Sweet!! Beers only 264 yen and 6 piece gyoza 210 yen.

Many beer food items only 100 yen. 3 Piece Gyoza 110 yen.

This is me! My absolute Favorite. 700 yen lunch set called Bakudan Itame (Dynamite Mix)

I get Korean cravings but there are so few Korean restaurants in local towns... lots of Chinese but very few Korean spots.  Soooo!  This is where I get my Pork Kimchee Mix... super flavorful!

Soup is a bit on the salty side... it may be their ramen broth.

I never did understand this pickled veggie.  Chinese style?

700 yen if you use Paypay and since I'm a Softbank Mobile user its 50% cashback. (Softbank owns Paypay). BUT Overall you can't go wrong here... cheap and good.  If in Japan try out one of their franchise locations!!   

This day I brought out my new used Panasoic Lumix LX3.... it sure is slow to focus.

I leave you with some lazy cats at the local Mazda Dealerships storage area. 

Restaurant: Hidakaya Nakamurabashi Branch
Address J:  東京都練馬区中村北3-23-5 NGビル1F
Address E:  Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nakamurabashi Kita 3-23-5

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  1. You think the Panasonic DMC-LX3 camera is slow to focus?
    This was my first point-and-shoot camera back in 2009. I lost it one year at the Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival in Madison, WI. one year. (It slid out of my bag after I ate on a hillside.)
    I've gone through other cameras since then. Even using my dad's [R.I.P.] Kodak camera at one point. The 'slow-to-focus' aspect of the DMC-LX3 is a plus in my camp. I got a bunch of unusable shots which were blurry with other cameras, including Canon Power Shots.
    I managed to buy this replacement DMC-LX3 for $35 from a Texas seller on ebay. It is what I require. I am getting used to it again. Give it more shots, Steve.