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Thursday, November 28, 2019

OKINAWA NAHA: Okinawa Hi-Ball Sakaba Tamaran... kinda like hooters but with shorts. (Canon s120)

Friend kept mentioning this Okinawan Izakaya in Naha where the staff wears tiny shorts... ok ok... so on my final night in Okinawa we headed on over.

1800 yen all you can drink menu with 100 yen extra charge per beer

OR 2200 yen menu that includes beer.

Steamed AGU PORK!  Couldn't really tell the difference between this and the thinly sliced pork I buy at the supermarket... 

RIBS!  But sure didn't look like the photo...

Octopus karaage. 

The staff was frequently talking to this regular customer... he ordered pizza for the girls.

Ladies Night all you can drink for only 500 yen! Wow thats a deal.  Overall its a nice spacious place to hang out and the drink menu was rather huge.

Restaurant: Okinawa Hi-ball Sakaba Tamaran
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市松山2-1-15 沖縄サントリービル
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Matsuyama 2-1-1

沖縄ハイボール酒場 玉らん , たまらん, 居酒屋, 豚料理, ホールスタッフの若い女の子達がショーパンで働いていることが有名, 美栄橋駅, Japan, Japanese, girls, foodie, izakaya, pub, nomihoudai, yelp, tabelog, canon s120, dinner, beers, hooters,

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