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Thursday, September 26, 2019

OKINAWA TSUGAZAN CITY: Fujiya Okinawan Shave Ice at San-A Shopping Center... the local treat. (Canon S120)

When I think of Okinawan sweets its either Andagi Donuts or Shave ice... traditionally called Ice Zenzai that includes shave ice, semi-sweet azuki beans and round mochi balls.

Seems the staff is on a break... will be back soon.

And she is back!  

Always loved this but first time to try it as take out.  Its normally in a bowl with the beans and mochi balls below the shave ice.  Its kinda upside-down for the take-out versions.  BUT YUM!

A local favorite... if you spot a Zenzai Okinawan Ice Sweets shop you gotta go!

Restaurant: Fujiya San-A Tsugazan City Dept. Store Branch
Address J: 沖縄県南風原町字津嘉山1471-2
Address E: Okinawa, Shimajiri-gun, Haebaru, Tsukazan 1471-2

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