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Saturday, October 27, 2018

OOSAKI: Yakiniku Koyo... 2 years later and its still super tender delicious! Run by a little old lady who loves to paing. (SONY RX100)

My boss likes this spot so much that we usually try to go after tradeshows at Tokyo Big Sight.

Menu items... Kalbi 1150 yen and Harami 1700. My two most favorite types of beef here.

Original paintings by the little elderly owner.

Gas grills... they will change the mesh thingy when it gets black.

This was probably the harami... oh my goodness.

Think this was the Rosu meat... not too much fat so has a nice meaty texture.

Not too much of this kind of intestine and cow parts... 

Kalbi! Yuumm... so melty.

Boss showing me a temple that has a bunch of cats...   Few people at the table had cats so subject came up. A shot of my favorite stray cat.

My colleague and I closed with a bowl of Sundubu... passed on the dessert.

He sure loves his soup super spicy... phew.  Anyways reservations is a must and Osaki is definitely not a touristy spot but just a few stops from Shibuya on the JR Line.  You gotta goooo!

Restaurant: Yakiniku Koyo
Address J: 東京都品川区大崎3-6-7
Address E: Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Osaki 3-6-7

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