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Saturday, May 5, 2018

OIZUMIGAKUEN: DanDaDan Gyoza specialty shop plus horse meat? Very friendly staff.

Gyoza on a Friday evening.  This place is run by a company called Natty Swanky... not too sure they came about that name

I managed to score a seat along the wall that was cushioned but most were wooden stools.

Few selections of sake. 

Seasoned sliced onions.

Here we go! Gyoza... 460 yen for 6 pieces.  Unfortunately nothing on the menu here was pictured and no English menus. 

This alien creepy thing sure did take me some time to try... think its part of the chicken neck but looked so strange. But nicely seasoned in garlic. 

Now for the fun part.  I rarely ever ever drink Hoppy but you initially get a glass of sake and pour the beer flavored Hoppy in then mix.  You have about 4 servings per bottle.

When you run out of sake just ask the staff to refill with whats called "naka" and he will keep pouring until you say stop... nice! 

There was a little old man dining alone and was eating what looked to be sushi but it was actually horse meat.  The meat is named similar to sushi like akamo and toro... almost mistakenly order it.  Not a fan of eating horse or rabbits.

Back to "naka" refills!  Seems they use a good quality sake here.

Fried chicken...

A few course and nomihoudai options. 

Restaurant: DanDaDan Gyoza
Address J: 東京都練馬区東大泉1-33-13
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Higashi Oizumi 1-33-13

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