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Friday, December 29, 2017

WAIKIKI YOKOCHO: Bario Ramen! After a week in Hawaii I was craving ramen! VERY GOOD!

Was in Hawaii for 2 weeks and after about 7-8 days I got a huge craving for ramen.  Wandered into Waikiki Yokocho and discovered many ramen shops that have a base in Tokyo!

Looked around a few times then checked Japan's Foodie Site Tabelog to see the Japan branch rankings and Bario with their 3.52 foodie score was all me! 

Several tables, one huge table for 10 in the middle and counter seating if you want to watch the chef prepare ramen.

Yeah, Japanese owned! Not Avariable... Jinglish.

I always go for the most basic ramen... don't need to many things.  They also had Tsukemen dipping noodles here. 

About 6 ramen shops in this area.

Boom!  Looked very Jiro style.

Perfect amount of boiled bean sprouts for me.

A few bites and this was a very tasty, solid, hit the spot ramen for anyone who has lived in Japan.  Very thick, oily and super flavorful... there is garlic in here so you many not need any fresh garlic toppings.

The noodles were my favorite. Thick chewy... super curious where they sourced in then I noticed this box from Sun Noodles!  Great job guys!

Even after I was done there is a heavy layer of fat in the soup.

Lucky me! Scored teh Kama'aina discount so left a few extra dollars tip.

When craving solid ramen in Waikiki definitely hit up Bario!  Super friendly staff and you can kinda chat up the Japanese ramen chef but he is quite busy.  

Restaurant: Ramen Bario
Address E: 2250 Kalakaua Ave, Lower Level 100, Honolulu, HI 96815

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