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Friday, May 12, 2017

SHINJUKU: KinNoMe Lamb Shabu-Shabu... this time for a business dinner. 2 female clients loved it! (ラムしゃぶ 金の目 新宿店)

Where to go when my business dinner is expense is capped at 5,400 yen per person?  The most wonderful place in Shinjuku for all you can eat lamb, veggies and a huge nomihoudai menu for only 4,460 yen per person ;)

The dinner course comes with a bowl of edamame

2 types of grated radish and 1 Japanese negi onion

The huge course inclusive drink menu... even premium Japanese beer bottles are available.

I think this might be the additional menu if you want to pay for individual items.

You can order lamb all night long for about 2 hours.. also drinks too!

The head of new business on my team... Akio.
Always stressed out and glad he could come out to relax a bit.

We had just the right amount as I couldn't get too stuffed as it was a client dinner. But we were the last ones there and the staff was kind enough to let us finish our drinks before heading out. Its my 3rd time here and honestly its pretty fabulous.
My previous entry for details!

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