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Friday, April 28, 2017

MARUNOUCHI TOKYO: Shin Marunouchi Building HOUSE 10TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY... back again this year!

The annual Party with all you can eat everything at all the 7th floor restaurants plus 3 drink tickets for a fabulous 3,000yen!  Plus a tone DJ's this night.

Huuuuuge line for the prosciutto... Japanese love this.

FPM on deck... one of my favorite Tokyo DJ's. 

This cheese lady was soooo strict.  You can only have one piece on a toothpick.

Lots of spaces with DJ's playing all over the event.

Then the surprise guests perform... 星屑スキャット HOSHIKUZU SCAT.

Overall if you are a foodie, love music, drinks and like to mingle with folks this is THE event you have to attend.  Very friendly atmosphere and you can chat up anyone... we noticed the average attendee age was a bit higher this year vs last year.

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