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Friday, February 24, 2017

HIROO: Family Mart convenience store for a quick spam musubi and drink... nice counter seating. Next to the Lambo Dealership!

This is one of the nicest convenience stores around... great little counter seating area for a quick bite.

Cheesy Spam Musubi!  Never had it with cheese before and very tasty.

There aer about 6 chairs along the glass window.

And if you are a fan of Lamborghini's this night in the new car section there were 3 Aventadors!

A beauty. 
Did you know Japan is the second largest buyer of Lamborghini's world wide after the US?

Restaurant: FamilyMart Hiroo Branch
Address J:  東京都港区南麻布5-10-26
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami Azabu 5-10-26

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  1. Lamborghini's top export market being the U.S.A. I can understand. There are roads (of course, not the most heavily trafficked ones) where it can be 'let out' and operated at a high(er) speed.
    But Japan being second is fascinating. I would have thought it would be Germany.
    I have some old, old Matchbox die-cast metal cars (from the U.K.) dating from the early 1970s in storage here. I know one of the cars I have is the Lamborghini Miura.