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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

MYOGADANI: Be A Cut Above "Bikabo" Restaurant for Alligator! or was it Crocodile! 1st time ever in Tokyo!!

Invited out to join my friends family for dinner in a Town on the Marunouchi Line thats incredibly convenient but unless you live here you will ever get off the train.  Bikabo aka in English "Ba A Cut Above.@

Wani! Grilled alligator crocodile... totally had the texture of grilled pork or chicken with a hint of gamy flavor if you chew it for a little longer.  I not much of rabbit , horse or frog fan so this will be my first and last time to eat a animal thats not normally at the local supermarket.

Harami steak nicely sliced with tasty gravy and french fries.

These two shochu's were fantastic.. one had an incredibly mellow flavor and the other mellow with a nice flavorful kick.

Gorgonzola pizza with honey... but wait... did you know a little wasabi goes awesome with this!

Sorry for the toilet shot but this is such an ideal old skool toilet for guys! No splashing.

Picked pickles.. tsukemono.

Of course I had to order the penne  arrabiatta.. but for 1,200 yen was it worth it?  Nah, just goto the supermarket and buy a few packets of sauce and a few packets of noodles that will last a whole week.  Pasta is always the worst in terms of cost performance.

Counter seating

Table seating

Free candy on the way out.

The owner and the manager... Service was spot on great when the shop was half full but as they reach capacity you should start ordering before your plates or drinks are almost done. Hard to flag down the limited staff.


Restaurant: Be A Cut Above
Address J: 東京都文京区大塚3-1-12 コダマビル
Address E: Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Otsuka 3-1-12

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