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Friday, January 1, 2016

IKEBUKURO: Suta (Stamina) Meshi for a plate of late night dark Japanese Curry!

Wanted something on my way home and thought I'd pass on the high calorie Ramen... and went for a possibly high calorie Pork Katsu Curry!

Everything Pictured!

Volume wasn't so much for the 660yen price point but it hit the spot.  A nice rich flavored dark curry.

Free seasoned pickle toppings...

Includes Miso Soup.

And if you like free garlic! My last stop before home so why not give it a try and mixed a little into the curry.

I leave you with a frequent visitor to my home... the neighborhood cat.

Restaurant: Suta Meshi Don Don 
Address J: 豊島区南池袋1-22-5 ニューナカノビル2F・3F
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Minami Ikebukuro 1-22-5, 2F and 3F

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