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Thursday, May 9, 2013

KOTAKEMUKAIHARA: I am lottery winner! AnRakuTei for some free Bibimbap... lucky me.

Well... maybe I'm not too special but won 1 of 15,000 free bibimbaps for Anrakutei's "Kirameki" Lottery. 

BUT! There was a catch in the fine print... I had to order 1 item off the menu.  Kimchee was 380yen... Drink Buffet (Sodas) was 280yen... and wait... Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream 210yen! 

Regular price for my Ishiyaki (Hot Stone) Bibimbap was 819yen... sweet.

Free water!

Special sauces.

My Bibimbap came with seaweed soup too... sweet.

Nice hot metal not stone bowl... food came out sizzling.  Overall everything taste better free but would I order this at this restaurant for regular price? Nah... it just wasn't that special.   I'd hit up a Korean spot in Akasaka for this vs a franchise yakiniku restaurant.

Later came some free hot tea and free pineapple... plus my 210yen choco ice cream with chunks of chocolate!

They gave me a 1,000yen coupon that can be applied to a 5,000yen+ bill and a piece of candy.  Oh, I arrived at 9:15 on a Thursday night and the place was deserted except for one couple.

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