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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

KAGURAZAKA: Massive 200gram all beef patties grilled to perfection

I recently received an invite from Owner and New York native Eliot-san to visit his shop in Kagurazaka.  

Solid menu of things other than Burgers that I didn't expect...the Hummus spotting definitely caught my eye as I will hunt high and low for hummus...  Pita The Great is a must :)

6 different burger selections on buns then there is a signature 200 gram Martini "Toasted English Muffin" Burger.  First time to spot this bagel combination but images of having McD's bagel Egg McMuffin breakfast meals with my American relatives steered me away from the signature dish.  But I'll definitely have to give it a try one day soon.

A bit under the weather so settled for the Lemon-Aide (all non-alcoholic drinks are 300yen).  

Its hard to find great Quesadillas in Tokyo!  Tasty treat with Chili topping but lacked in consistency as some pieces were perfectly balanced with Chicken/Cheese while others seemed to be a bit lonely.

Beautiful interior with bar-like counter seating.  

And thus my owner recommended Brooklyn Burger arrived! Nicely balanced with mushrooms, gouda cheese and bearnaise sauce.

My mac and cheese side dish... 

I love burgers in Japan but never have I encountered 200grams of beef!  In a class of its own and an amazing value with quality in line with The Beacon in Omotesando and Grand Hyatt Oakdoor.

Solid and grilled to perfection by chef Aki-san.  There was a very nice consistent texture throughout the burger and the juiciness was under control as most other spots have me going thru multiple napkins and wet tissues~. 

Friend ordered the Fifth Avenue with Gouda and Chedder cheese with mustard aioli. On the way to the station he commented this burger was excellent.

Home made desserts.

We were incredibly stuffed by the end of the meal but had to give the "Chef Jason's Cheesecake" a try... very rich in texture and would go perfectly with a cup of tea.

Friendly host, beautiful interior and satisfying burgers... A must if you are in the Kagurazaka area.  AND! If you want to know anything about New York definitely chat up bilingual Eliot-san.... he knows everything!

4.18.2013 Congrats to Martini Burger! Featured on a great foodie ranking program "Onegai-Ranking"

Shop: Martini Burger
Address J: 東京都新宿区中里町31
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nakazotocho 31

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