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Monday, November 22, 2010

NAKANO: Carthago Turkish Restaurant.... Overpriced Hummus y'all.

If you are new to Tokyo you MUST check out the Nakano area... there are so many tiny side street cozy local restaurants. But there was also a very noticeable mix of Black Suit Hosts (aka Crows) trying to lure salarymen into hostess bars.  Anyways...

It was all about the Hummus tonight.  Mari checked the Tabelog Foodie Rankings for Turkish Restaurants and Carthago was ranked #2 in all of Tokyo!  Japan has some amazing foods but finding Hummus can be an adventure.

Carthago had a very spacious interior and a great mix of Turkish/Arab dance tunes playing in the background.  First impression was the atmosphere was sooo comfortable and nice. 

Import beers start at 650yen... think this was a Turkish selection. Very smooth.

No smoking in this establishment... always a welcome sign.

Couldn't decide on one so went with 3 selections (Hummus bi'tahini, Baba ghanouj and a Spicey Tomato) for 1,500yen (@$18).  I guess its just Japan but the volume was tiny... I mean what can the cost of eggplant/chickpea/tomato actually be?  This will lightly satisfy your craving for Hummus but honestly Walmart brand ATHENOS beats this hands down. 

Pita bread for the hummus is 200yen per piece... we ordered 3 pieces.  When did somebody decide to sell this separately... I mean who eats Hummus without pita?

Should have taken a photo of the menu but a very light and slightly plain Turkish salad.  Can't recall what it was called but something that can easily be prepared at home.

Shrimp and Feta cheese... can i get more than 3 pieces of tiny shrimp please... and to our surprise the lazy chef left a nice long exposed poop sack on the back of the shrimp... for a bit of extra flavor?  

If you miss Hummus pls don't try to satisfy your craving here... you'll only be disappointed.  This place has only one waitress and one chef so I assume when its busy the wait for food can be quite long.  Looking at the portions we decided not to venture on to order more food... just couldn't justify paying any more money for mediocre food.

There is a big white NEON Panda on this road... just turn around and hit up the Ramen shop on the corner. 

SHOP: Carthago Arab and Turkish Restaurant
Location: Nakano Station (few stops from Shinjuku)
Address J:  東京都中野区中野3-34-3 
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nakano 3-34-3

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