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Monday, July 5, 2010

SanGenChaya: RaiRaiRai 來來來 Nagasaki Chanpon!

So after the disastrous experience at Voi Voi we took a walk and noticed a small line outside of a tiny Nagasaki Chanpon Restaurant RaiRaiRai 來來來.  Ranked #9 in Sangenchaya and relatively highly scored at 3.71... how could we go wrong?

Honda Cub with a box of Cabbage.

Son stepped out to pick out some Cabbage~.

Very simple Menu. 

First dish... CHANPON!  It was like Ramen with lightly stir fried vegetables in a sauce that seemed to get its sweetness from the cabbage.  This was excellent.

Second Dish... SARA UDON (Salah Udon).  Same type of vegetables on a bed of think crispy noodles.  You can either select the thin noodles Hoso-Men or think noodles Futo-Men.   Another great dish!

Family run restaurant (Father, Mother and Son).  Service with a smile, water refilled immediately and the food was well worth the line.  We'll be back and hope you'll check it out too.

Restaurant: LaiLaiLai (Rai Rai Rai). 
Location: Sangenchaya Station on the Denen-Chofu Line (1 Stop from Shibuya Station).
Address J:   東京都世田谷区太子堂4-27-10  
Address E: Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Taishido 4-27-10 

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