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Thursday, April 22, 2010

OMOTESANDO: IL PACIOCCONE (Again!) 1,000yen Italian Lunch!

The waiter told us that they will start 1,000yen Sunday Lunch service! Check out my previous REVIEW

Daily Lunch Specials.  There is also a set menu. (Click to enlarge pic).

Started with some home braked bread.  Chewy with hints of salt pieces on top.

Mari's raw beef calpaccio with parmesan cheese.

PIZZA GIORNO (Salciocia e "Nanohana" Pizza Bianca).

Flavorful olive oil for the pizza.

Thick pudding dessert.  Very tasty.

1,000yen lunch ends with a Choice of drinks (Coffee, Tea etc).

If you like it quiet I recommend getting there at or a tad before 2pm.  Good time for families.

FOR LOCATION DETAILS Check out my previous entry:

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