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Thursday, April 22, 2010

JIMBOCHO SUIDOBASHI: Standing Bar "Ukemochi"

Was in the area and checked out Jimbocho/Suidobashi's #1 Foodie ( ranked standing bar.

All drinks and food... all 300yen.  Pay as you go.

Nice selection of Sake.  Chef will give you a cup and just fill away.

Arrived at 10pm so missed out on most of the daily specials.  
Most food geared toward alcohol... nothing heavy just light salty/flavorful items.

Just one guy behind the counter.  Pouring Nihon-shu~.

Best thing about standing bars... great chance to meet some nice people.
Last time we met a president of a publishing company... you never know.

The Chef.

Make sure this is your 2nd spot (Nijikai) or arrive early...otherwise you may leave hungry.

Random iPhone video...

RESTAURANT: Tachinomi (Standing Bar) Ukemochi
LOCATION: Between Suidobashi and Jimbocho Station.
Shop Website:
Address: 東京都千代田区三崎町2-15-2

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