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Saturday, May 9, 2020

NAKANO: FINNS Mix Bar... super friendly staff and such a cozy bar. A must if you are ok with Coronavirus (Sony RX100)

Friend of mine who runs his own home improvement company is always out and about thru this whole coronavirus ordeal... I turned him down several time for drinks but being stuck at home for about 2 months I just had to get out for some alcohol.  Hit up one of his regular spots! FINNS just a few minutes from Nakano Station. 

He had Okinawan Awamori Zampa on keep!  This would make me miss my last train.

1st floor at an early 9pm.... it would soon fill up.

2nd floor has this great hand painted Supreme x LV x Daisy Duck

Only finger foods here.  Shumai dumplings. 

1,000 yen menu included ramen, pasta, udon, fried rice, curry, etc.
500 yen had Edamame, mixed nuts, shumai, beef stew pie... 

Interesting... the staff generally sits with you and pours your alcohol.  Its very common at girls or hostess bars but rarely see men pouring alcohol. 

The super cool manager.  Asked if he was going to close temporarily due to coronavirus but he said if someone gets infected then he will.  Otherwise the $5,000 a month the Tokyo government is offering just can't cover rent and salary. 

Al you can drink plans 1 hour 3,500 yen or 2 hours 4,500 yen. 

Shots? Not for me but seemed a bit pricy. 

Here comes another bottle of Awamori and me missing my train.

They have Karaoke.

Only female staff I think... she eventually came to our table to chat and sing Karaoke. 

FINNS bar was just so friendly and welcom
ing.  If you sit on 1F you can definitely chat up others but if you want more of a comfy sit down area then 2F is for you!  I will definitely be back soon!

Restaurant Bar: FINNS Nakano
Address J: 東京都中野区中野3-35-5
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nakano 3-35-5

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