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Saturday, October 7, 2017

TOKOROZAWA: Izakaya Honoka.... This town in Saitama is filled with 1,000 yen all you can drink Izakayas!

On the way back from watching a rather boring play at a theater in the burbs we headed to Tokorizawa for a bite to eat.  This town has a great long shotengai with restaurants on both sides.  Loooots of Izakaya's offering 1,000 yen 2 hour all you can drink plans. 

4-5 restaurant sales guys must have approached us within a span on 50 meters and decided to go with Honoka that includes draft beer in their plan.

Food choices were ho hum... think Watami is much better than here.

Overal ho-hum but we didn't really go for the food... just the drinks.

Restaurant: Izakaya Honoka Tokorozawa Branch
Address J:  埼玉県所沢市日吉町3-4 所沢小澤ビル2F
Address E: Saitama-ken, Tokorozawa-shi, Hiyoshicho 3-4

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