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Thursday, June 29, 2017

OOIMACHI: Ren Dai what a perfect little Yakitori izakaya im a town 1 stop from Shinagawa... Plus! Aventador S!

Was at Tokyo Big Sight for the Contents Tokyo Tradeshow (Aventador S to follow) and my boss asked if I wanted to join him for some Yakitori... hmm... sure.

Minimum number of Yakitori choices but everything was rather good!

Chilled cucumbers with miso dip... Japanese just love cucumbers. You can even get cucumbers on a stick at major league baseball games here.

Edamame... perfectly seasoned.

Motsu nikomi... tender.

Fried garlic with special miso dip.  Super mushy... yum.

The great thing about this izakaya is that they will place all the yakitori on a hot metal plate so you can take your time and enjoy it hot anytime.

Imo Shochu

Free cherries to close the evening.  The food was fantastic but what I will remember the most was the very attentive friendly staff... just on another level.

And so I spot this Aventador S Licensing Japan tradeshow... I guess companies can license the Lamborghini brand and create your own items to sell.

Restaurant: Ren Dai Oimachi Branch
Address J: 東京都品川区東大井5-17-1 北橋ビル
Address E: Tokyo,Shinagawa-ku, HIgashioi 5-17-1

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